Hey there readers,

It's Brooklyn here!!!! I'm so glad that you are here visiting my website! I plan to take this so far and I really hope my website can be sort of an outlet for parents! Let me start my first blog by telling you a bit about myself and my experience! 

I have been babysitting since I was 13 years-old. But, my experience started well before that. When I was in the second grade my mother birthed my beautiful baby brother into this world, and with him she had many complications. Unfortunately, she got a very bad disease called, fibromyalgia. This is an auto-immune disease which cause her muscles to ache all day and night. Also, they had to remove a part of liver during her emergency C-Section because it started to fail. Now she has to take a shot every month to give her liver a substance it does not make anymore. Long-story short, when she got home from the hospital with my newborn brother she could hardly move. My grandmother came to help as much as she could but she was taking care of my ill grandfather and could only help a little. I was the one always home with her while my father was working, so my grandmother started to train me to take care of a newborn. Before I knew it, I was bathing, changing and feeding my newborn brother at the age of 7! As my brother grew, I was very active in taking care of him and helping my mother get things done. I soon realized that I have a major passion for working with children. 

This passion led me to start promoting myself to our neighbors, family, and friends. Soon I was working with many different children. I have taken many classes and test because I love to enhance my knowledge. Also, when I was in high school we adopted a newborn in our family. With my mother still being sick, I basically took care of him through the rest of my junior and senior year. So as you can see, I had to grow up at a very young age. I did what I had to do to help, and I loved it! I love children and I love being around them and inspiring them to be great! Now, I am a Senior at the University of Houston- Central Campus studying Psychology. I now nanny along with babysitting. I have 2 scheduled care families and many occasional families that I work with.

With Best Buds Babysitting, I want to start a program where my team can build a relationship with kid's and help steer them in the right direction. Here you can find a responsible, caring, and fun babysitter to watch your children for a date night, work event, ect. We also plan to host monthly events! I really want a family type business. I am so close with all of the families I work with and I really want that to carry on in my business. I plan to blog as much as I can about highly talked about children topics, tips, safety, babysitter talk, and much more! Please, feel free to comment with feedback, new ideas, and topics you want me to talk about! I hope you continue to check out my website and support Best Buds Babysitting!