Egg Painting Project!



    I’m following along Brooklyn’s activity train and sharing this fun project that the girls and I did! We’ve done this activity multiple times because they absolutely love it and ask about it constantly so I decided to share. They love helping smash the eggs and filling them with their own customized colors! It’s super easy and fun to do and If you don’t want to waste a carton of eggs you could use something like a watermelon to roll the paint around on paper instead.  




All you’ll need is:

A carton of eggs 

Tissue paper

Different Colored Paints

Clear Tape 

Poster paper 

Duct Tape


Making the Eggs: 

Tap the top of the egg to create a small hole and pour the egg gunk out (rinse out optional).

Pour paint inside the eggs switching up the colors or even mixing if you’d like.

Cut out bits of tissue paper big enough to cover the hole and tape down.

Go tape your poster any where you like and start throwing!



As many times as i’ve done this we’ve never used more than a carton of eggs. The girls have trouble breaking the eggs by just throwing them and usually have to throw them a couple of times or go grab them with their hands and smash them. If you know you’re kids strength and that they would be able to crack the eggs first try then definitely go for two cartons of eggs! 

Fun fact, the first time we did this I didn’t fully think out where we were going to throw these eggs at so I ended up taping the poster board to my car and let them have at it. The next time after i’d thought out how we were going to tape this poster board up they just tore it down and just started smashing the eggs on the ground as you can see in the above photo so really anything goes it all depends on your kids. 

This project is super messy and the clean up is intense but one that holds their interest every step of the way since they can be so involved! I would definitely advise having everything you need to make the eggs and a clean up station ready in advance just so that each step flows and makes it easy on you and the kids. Hope this gives you guys some ideas and thanks for reading!