Intro/Finding my happy place in my happy place

Hi everyone! My name is Lauren Jackson and I am one of the partners of Best Buds, a college student and nanny!  My goal while working with Best Buds is to launch a Special Needs Department that is staffed with babysitters trained and certified to work with children who have disabilities. There is a lacking of fast childcare in Houston and even more so for special needs children and I think this is the perfect opportunity to launch something that would make it so much easier for everyone to be able to get a reliable sitter. I currently work for 3 families during the week and will be blogging our adventures, arts and crafts and my random babbles!

Finding my happy place IN my happy place

Before I begin let me just say, I absolutely love being a nanny and im so thankful that my cousin pushed me back into the childcare field after working as a secretary. I hadnt realized how much id missed it until I got my first family and rediscovered how amazing the job is and the incredible bond that you create with the kids. With that being said, kids are dictators that do not want to be overthrown with a never ending energy supply as their army!

            Ive had to learn ways to calm myself down in situations that are becoming way too draining! My biggest problem is that I am not a calm person or good under pressure, but the thing about nannying is that I had to learn fast and I am grateful for that. Situations where theres back to back tantrums, timeout sessions, and cleaning up messes only to have it knocked back down on accident are the times where I have to look at the kids, smile, take a deep breathe and shake it off! I won't go on listing examples because this could go on forever the entire point of this is finding the few things that you can do to take the edge off, especially when theres no nap time in the immediate future. Ive found doing things as simple making a weird face just to hear a laugh will always calm me down or even taking a lap around the house to bring me back down after an episode is great.

            Of course its never easy and took me a while to actually be able to calm down and realize that I wouldnt be happier any where else, but, thats just the journey. If anyone else has any thoughts on the subject please share below and ill talk to you guys soon!


(Side note Beyonce dance parties always help too.)