Houston Adventures 01

          Hi everyone! I’ve decided to do a series where I document  ‘The Wonder Girl’s’, Little G and E's, after school adventures to the different kid friendly spots around Houston. Being a Houston native I take some of our amazing spots for granted since i’ve been going to them with my family since I was small. A lot of the time after I tell the parents of my kids where we’ve gone they ask about parking, tickets and how to even get to the spot so I thought making a note of all that in the blog would be a great way to get everyone involved in the great spots around Houston!



    The other week we went to the Natural Science Museum’s Butterfly Exhibit and they  absolutely loved it! I only have a short time with the girls from the time I pick them up and to get them back on the other side of town to make sure we’re there before their mom gets home and so I try to pick places that are close to their school and packed with a lot of activities and are also educational. If you’re just going to the butterfly exhibit you can walk in straight by the exhibit and buy tickets from the shop that’s next to it so you don’t have to go back and forth. I love the Butterfly Exhibit because before the entrance there is a ton of information on insects, the oldest loves any sort of information even if it is on a cricket, and the youngest loves seeing new things so it was a great experience for the both of them. After you go through the exhibit you go through the first exhibit you go into the actual butterfly habitat which is incredible to me it looks as if you’ve stepped into Jurassic Park, could just be me though. There center has three levels to it. The first is just the bottom of the waterfall that flows towards the back of the museum, it also doubles as a wishing well if your kiddos like to make wishes. It usually takes E a good ten minutes to finish making a wish. When you walk up to the second floor you can walk around and watch the different butterflies fly around you, most of the butterflies are on the second floor and from here you can get a clear view of everything that's around you. It's sort of laid out like a park and you follow the trail around to look at the different plants and butterflies. The third floor doesn't have a lot of plants but it does offer a great view of the entire center and there is still a lot of butterfly traffic if you wanted to go take a peek. 


   As for parking, it’s terrible. Outside of the museum there is free three hour parking but it’ s very rare that a spot will be open and I wouldn’t bet on catching one. Right in front of the butterfly exhibit is a round about and right on the other side of that is a free three hour lot that usually has a spot. Around the museum there are meters, it can get to be a walk if you go to far back especially with younger kids, I learned that the hard way, and so if you’re completely out of options there is a garage around to the side of the museum. Tickets for children 3-11 is 7$, adults 8$ and members 4$.

    This is some place we will definitely be coming back to especially since the oldest asks about it whenever she spots a butterfly out in the park and it’s a great way for them to learn something knew and then go experience it! Hope this helps and talk to you all soon!