5 Tips to Encourage Communication

Hello again everyone! Today I wanted to talk about some helpful tips i've learned to help start pushing non verbal children to speak out a bit more!

1. Give them time to react

It's natural to want to speed little things up during the day and get answers fast, however non verbal children need time to process and react. If they have a particularly chatty sibling drill this into their minds. What's difficult for us is going to be 10 times more difficult for a child so make sure that they understand when interacting with their sibling to always give them fair time to answer or play and to make their own decisions. 

2. Simplify Your Language

I do not mean baby talk. Using shorter and easily repeatable words along with short and to the point sentences. If you are teaching sign language go ahead and sign while you're communicating with your child, the more practice the better!

3. But also expose them to everything

I am not a particularly chatty person so say for instance a nonverbal child and I are alone by ourselves and we're just kind of in a lull. I read out loud and I will read anything and everything. From a magazine to a Stephen King book (joking), just so every opportunity for them to learn something new is used to its best advantage!

4. Educational technology and videos

My nanny kids have learned many a things from Elmo and car ride podcasts! There are lots of great educational videos about numbers, colors and new words all over the place! Shows that really interact with children on a level where they can repeat and practice while having fun are actually way more helpful than I ever thought they could be! I also love podcasts for in the car because the kids can have so much fun with them. Last week my nanny kids and I learned all about volcanoes and learning about these new things open the doors for new conversations and experiments!

5. Imitate the child

Mimicking the child's noises and play behavior can help them feel heard can do wonders for their confidence as well as encouraging them to speak more. It also encourages them to take turns and work together.


That's all from me and thank you so much for reading! If you have any fun games that you like to do or suggestions you'd like to make leave them in the comments below! I'd love to hear your thoughts! 

Until next time!