The Big Switch

Hi everyone! 

So as you guys may have noticed I haven't been posting any photos in instagram or blogging about E and G for a few months now or been blogging as frequently. The last few months of 2016 were a trying one. I was going to E & G part time and also balancing out about 4 other families. Without going into too much s detail the short story is that became a bit too much and I had to leave and find a full time family.

It took me a long time to decide whether or not I wanted to make a post about this but I figured with letting you all into our personal nanny I should share this as well since I know plenty of other nannies have been in my situation!

I stopped working for E & G around Thanksgiving and my holidays were just not the same without them. I missed our long days together while they were out of school and I missed sharing Christmas gifts with them. I think the hardest thing was just knowing that another nanny was spending that time with them while I was somewhere else. 

When I first started my new position my guilt was out of this world. I didn't know if I made the right decision, I wondered if I should've stuck it out a bit more and tried to work something out. No matter how I thought about it though I new i'd made the best decision for me and I felt horrible about that because it was such a selfish way to think, but I knew I left when the girls would be ok for me to leave. I feel developmentally and emotionally they were both at a place where this sort of transition wasn't so difficult for them. Of course change is hard for littles, it was definitely hard for me, however I feel leaving when I did was the right time.


I'm now working for a now 10 month old who we will call French Fry. His cuteness has made this transition a little easier for me, as has keeping in touch with E & G! I was with E & G for almost 3 years and I have honestly grown so much and learned so much from working with the two of them. I feel working with them greatened my love for childcare and learning and I wouldn't trade that experience for the world! Now i'm getting to start over, make new experiences and watch this little one reach all his milestones! As much as I miss them I know it wouldn't be beneficial for them if I stayed and was unhappy and I now i'm welcome over any time. 

Thanks for reading! Until next time.