How to avoid/get through the #nannyburnout

Hey Hey!!!! Brooklyn here! If you have been keeping up with the blog, you know I am currently assisting a family in the mornings with their twins! I then proceed to my normal with L&S. I start my day around 6:30AM and don’t make it home until sometimes close to 9:00PM. I’ve been doing this for about 5 months now. So, depending on schedule changes(usually additions), some weeks I can be working up to 65 hours A WEEK. Now mind you, I’m still doing all things Best Buds while trying to take care of personal things as well.

As the weeks have continued, I have started to notice all of the major signs of “The Nanny Burnout” This is when, in my opinion, 1) the stress and excessive work starts to over-power the fun. Being a nanny is definitely hard work but, it is also a lot of fun and I absolutely love it. So, I have noticed that when the fun is minimal for long stretches it heavily increases the chances of burnout coming in. Also, 2) when I am working excessively.

Having a burnout period while working ANY job is not good. While experiencing a burnout, you cannot put forth your best self. So, the best thing you can do is recognize the signs quickly, that way you can make the necessary changes to get through it!

So first, I’m going to list a few ways that I recognize the start of a burnout and then I will list some ways to get through it!

Burnout Red Flags

  • Unnecessary exhaustion: I always know i’m approaching a burnout when I am tire for no reason. Say I went to sleep by 10 and got a solid 7 hours of sleep, but when I get home I feel so tired and go right to sleep. That shows me that maybe I am working a bit to hard/much.

  • Super sensitivity: Another way I notice a potential burnout is when simple things stress me out or annoy me. This is a very big sign for me that I NEED a break.

  • Mood projection: A huge pet peeve of mines is when someone projects their bad mood out to the public. So, I always work very hard to make sure I do not do that. When I am feeling like my capability of keeping my mood/attitude to myself is compromised I know I am nearing a burnout.

  • Slight-dreading to go to work: I am so happy to say that I LOVE my job. I love going to work and I have to be dead tired to not want to go. So, when I start having multiple days of dreading having to work I know BABY GIRL IS TIRED! lol

Ways to alleviate/ get through a burnout

  • Take a personal day: When I am in the midst of a burnout I can always tell when I need to take time for myself. So, if it gets bad enough I will take a day off. Or, I will not take any additional work for a weekend. This is super helpful because it allows me time to recharge.

  • Travel: One thing I LOVE to do is travel! It always give me major time to recharge and rejuvenate myself mentally. So, even if it just a small weekend trip, TAKE IT!!!

  • Take time to do something that relaxes you: I love going to get a facial or a massage! It is so relaxing for me. You can also take time to do things like: ride a bike, workout, shopping, re-read your favorite book, Netflix binge, GIRLS NIGHT, Yoga.

  • Don’t be afraid to say NO: Say no to the extra work, say no to going out, say no to doing something that stresses you. It’s 100% okay to stay home and to yourself. It’s 100% okay to not answer your phone for a bit.

Those are the ways I recognize/deal with a burnout. Recently to get through my own burnout I took some time for me! I turned down some extra work and took a few trips! I won’t say I am completely out of burnout territory but I am definitely on the up & up.

Here is the Vlog we did over at Bustle Babes on gettig through and recognizing the burnout!! I hope this was helpful! Catch you next time!!!