Nanny Contract Checklist

Hi everyone! Lauren here. 

I have been recently interviewing for new positions here in Houston and thought I would share 3 major keys I like to include in my nanny contract that have been a major savior when working for families long term.  

1. Guaranteed Hours
I was in a situation with a previous nanny family where in the interview we discussed guaranteed hours, however when the time came for them to take a week of vacation I was not payed and could not stand my ground because it was not in my contract.  I now present guaranteed hours as something non negotiable and explain the importance of it. A mother I interviewed with recently explained it perfectly. Just like I pay the month of daycare for whether the kids are there or not we are paying you for your time and the promise of care. Your time is important and you deserve to have guaranteed pay. 

2. Overtime
Overtime is crucial and I refuse to compromise going forward not having it in my contract. As nannies we are working tediously on our feet for hours on end and deserve to be paid fairly for weeks where we put in more than 40 hours. In the past i've allowed families to compromise on when overtime begins. In a previous family I worked a 48 hour work week and allowed for overtime to start past that however looking back on that I regret not pushing for proper overtime. 

3. Solidifying Pay Method
There are several ways to go about pay when working for families. Depending on what you want and what you will be comfortable with in the long run needs to be settled and ready to go before or the week of your starting. It's very difficult in the thick of a position to get the parents to take time out of their schedule to set up a payroll system and all of the extra steps financially that go along with setting that up. When giving two weeks notice to whatever position you are leaving, that time should be when the parent is setting everything up for your first week so that when you walk in that Monday your duties, your pay, what the parent expects and what you are bringing to the table is complete.


I truly hope this helps any caregivers new to the field or those editing their contracts! I love reading about rules other nannies have in place for protection because it is so important when representing ourselves that we protect ourselves. 


Talk with you all next time!