Nanny Probs 05: Navigating Nanny Parent Relationships

Happy fall everyone!

I’m a little rusty with my blogging intros so I’ll just hop right into it! Today I wanted to talk about making it a priority to make sure that you are in a happy healthy work environment! The longer you are in this field, in my experience and that of my fellow nannies, the more likely you are to come across a family you didn’t gel so great with and had to make the decision to leave or stay.

It can be difficult and cause some serious emotional drainage when things are difficult with a family! Whether that be trouble bonding with the kids, communicating with the parents, or any factor that’s prohibiting you from doing your work to the fullest! We are in such a close knit working situation (your office is someone else’s home) and its a hard job to do well and with joy when you’re all not working on the same page. I feel like I would not be able to continue doing what I love to do if I had never found a great family where I was happy to head in to work everyday and be excited about planning the day. For every amazing family i’ve found i’ve also been in positions where it was more difficult to be happy and it was hard to get myself motivated when all I could think about was should I leave or stay.

I think the trait all nannies have in common is this loyalty and dedication to the families we’re with and love for the children. It’s an impossible job to do if you don’t have that. You HAVE to make sure you’re taking yourself and your happiness in account no matter what. If something seems off, if you’re not happy and nothing seems to be working there is no shame in walking away.

Being in a positive environment that you enjoy and where you feel heard and validated is key to every successful nanny-parent relationship. Being able to communicate open and honestly is very important to me in every nanny position and I feel that can only happen when you and the parents are in sync as far as discipline, parenting, and life styles.

With that being said never feel guilty or nervous about having to look for other opportunities or finally sitting the family down to work things out.I am hoping this helps someone just starting or someone in a position they’re not happy with. This only took me about 5 years to learn so hoping this sticks to someone else a lot quicker!

Until next time,