Why I do it! #nannyinspiration #amazingmoms

Hey there guys! It's great to be back on the blog and man do I have an amazing story to tell! In my nanny journey I have grown so much and learned so much about not only myself but my passions and reasons for doing what I do.

My main goal in my work is to help families and mothers have the best experience when it comes to their children. I get so much joy from helping mothers have some relief and feel more knowledgable and in control when new in parenting. That has always been my top priority. My most recent job really put that in perspective for me. 

Around the end of January/ early February, I started looking for another Newborn Care opportunity. I had completed my time helping a family I had previously nannied for with their new son. I love getting the chance to work with the infants here and there since my primary nanny kids are school-aged. That is when I met Lauren Wood. I saw her advertise on that she needed overnight assistance with her new preemie born twins since she had a stroke during pregnancy. I was automatically interested because 1) I LOVE TWINSIES! and 2) I have experience with assisting a mother who was ill during and after pregnancy. (Read all about my story with my mom in my first welcome blog here.) So, I reached out to her and we set up a time to meet. I met with her, her mom & step-mom. We talked about their needs and what as important to them at that time. 

So, they basically wanted close to round the clock assistance. Since she had her stroke, she was very limited and had to have someone with her at all times. They wanted overnight care and for someone to stay some in the day as well. All of her family had been there round the clock helping her since the babies came home (they came home at 1 month, they were 3 months when I met her). They were tired and all needed a reprieve (her mom is still there everyday! So awesome) So, from that point we started to discuss rates. My rate of course matched my experience and background but, they were limited since she could not work and her husband was away.  

This was the tricky part. I knew I could not help them with all that she needed but, I knew what I could do for her. The main thing she kept referring to about the night need was that she needed sleep. So, I knew I could get those babies sleep trained quickly! I told her of my method and how best I could help them. We then decided to follow up after we both did a few more interviews. From that point, I did not find anymore opportunities that fit me. and I also could not get Lauren and her twins out of my head! Having been through my mother being sick prenatal and postpartum, I was super sympathetic to their situation. I called her back and told her how moved I was by her story and how compelled I was to help. She agreed that she as well really wanted my help. We came to an agreement that worked for the both of us and I got started.

I started off with just doing 4 nights a week. During that time, I got to know Lauren, her family and of course the twins! The more I learned, the more astonished and inspired I was! I learned how when she was a child she had a brain tumor and this contributed to her having a stroke. I learned that she had her stroke at 24 weeks and carried after (even with a limited left side) until 32 weeks! Hearing all this blew my mind! Especially when she would talk about her determination and insistence to carry as long as she could.

-Now let's touch on that really quick. This woman had a stroke WHILE PREGNANT, carried her TWINS FOR 2 MORE MONTHS even though she could not even walk, AND THEN when they were born (after she had regained partial movement) she still got up to assist feeding and comforting them and took care of them to her best ability. AMAZING is an understatement! Women blow my mind!-

Then I would see her with the babies, see her determined to do as much as she could and I would become even more amazed. Seeing her power through and never complain pushed me to work even harder at getting the twins on track sleep and development wise. 

After 1 month and 1 week of doing overnights, the babies were sleeping 10 hours a night and we were building a great daytime schedule. The babies were on the right track, doing no night feeds and starting to have longer naps. We then started discussing a daytime schedule with no nights. I knew Lauren was determined to be able to be in the house alone from time-to-time. We had already accomplished that for the night since the babies slept. Coming in the day allowed me to focus more on their daytime schedule and get them on structured set naps. 

Now, the babies are 6 (almost 7) months. They are off of premie formula, eating solids, on track developmentally and physically, and most importantly they are happy healthy babies!!! Working with this family really reminded me why I do what I do and LOVE IT!! I nanny and do newborn care not just as a means for income but because I genuinely want to help! I want to help new mother feel confident and knowledgable when it comes to their children. I want to assist in the health and development of any child I work with not only for the child but for the relief and contentment of the mother. Seeing mothers like Lauren (and my own) who push through and never complain all out of the love of their children is absolutely moving. Also, seeing the result of my work which in this case, is a clear from the pediatrician warms my heart. I am so blessed and honored to be able to assist this family and care for these littles. I love these little babes and love seeing them grow everyday! I'm so happy to see their smiles and get my cuddles! I intend to keep going and help as many as I can!