Solids! Oh fun! #1 Breakfast!

Hi there!

Brooklyn here! I know it has been a long time! I have been diligently working with my new B9months on his eating! I believe what you do starting as an infant impacts adulthood. So, of course I only want him having the best food and learning good eating habits early. So since he started solids, at 5 1/2 months, I have been homemaking all organic puree's for him weekly.

I am starting a series on healthy eating for infants and toddlers! I will be going into all the puree's I made and how I made them (super easy) and what are the best ones to start with. Also, now that we are transitioning out of puree's at 10 months I will be going into healthy foods for toddlers and what our meal plan looks like. We have decided to keep meat and poultry out of his diet until 1 (which is why Lauren was assisting me in inserting protein in other ways). My guy is a little chunkster and LOVES his food, so we have to keep him satisfied!

First, I will start with breakfast! I am going to show you how I make some of his favorites, then show what some of his typical breakfast meals look like. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for your little ones too! I like to start him off strong and give him things that are wholesome, healthy, and yummy! One of my go-to's for little D is rolled oats! Oats are filled with fiber (can help with digestive system) and iron. So its very good for the baby. 

First, I blend the oats in the blender (you can also use a food processor). I use the Bèaba Babycook pro for all of his food making.

This is a godsend! I have food steamed and blended in 20 minutes! Get it  HERE !

This is a godsend! I have food steamed and blended in 20 minutes! Get it HERE!

Rolled Oats

What you need:

  • 1 1/2 cup of water
  • 1 cup of blended organic rolled oats
  • 2-4 Organic Dates

After my oats are blended, I put 1 cup of water in a pot to boil. Then I add the blended oats into the pot and stir. Once it has returned to boil, I turn off heat and cover for 10-12 minutes until thick.

While that is cooking, add 3 tablespoons of water to a pan. Then put in your dates and cook them until they are soft. Peel and de-seed then set aside.

Continue to add water to oats as needed to loosen. While you are doing so, add the dates to the oats. Stir and mash until they are almost completely dissolved (for a younger baby you can stir and mash until completely dissolved) I like the consistency of the oats to be very loose since I freeze all the oats I make. 


When I am ready to feed him I take out and thaw some oats and add either banana, apple-pear sauce, or blueberry chia seed jam (will give recipe in an upcoming post) to it. I also like to pair either eggs or yogurt with it!

A typical breakfast for D (9 months and halfway through since I almost forgot (: )

A typical breakfast for D (9 months and halfway through since I almost forgot (: )

Here are some other great breakfast foods you can feed your little!

  • banana pancakes
  • yogurt
  • toast
  • avocado (he LOVES egg and avocado together)
  • fruit

I hope you enjoyed this post! Next I will be doing lunch time favorites!! See you soon!


Sneaking in the greens!

So, a couple of weeks ago I wanted to try and get S & L eating more greens. But of course I knew the whole, "Here eat this nice piece of tasteless broccoli!" Wasn't going to work. Instead, we made Green Monster Smoothies!!! (Came up with that name so there was no wondering why it was green) I also had them help me so th y could watch the spinach go in. It made it easier to explain how the spinach was a cool veggie that helped the green monster come to life! It was super fun, super healthy, and a total hit! 



Egg Painting Project!



    I’m following along Brooklyn’s activity train and sharing this fun project that the girls and I did! We’ve done this activity multiple times because they absolutely love it and ask about it constantly so I decided to share. They love helping smash the eggs and filling them with their own customized colors! It’s super easy and fun to do and If you don’t want to waste a carton of eggs you could use something like a watermelon to roll the paint around on paper instead.  




All you’ll need is:

A carton of eggs 

Tissue paper

Different Colored Paints

Clear Tape 

Poster paper 

Duct Tape


Making the Eggs: 

Tap the top of the egg to create a small hole and pour the egg gunk out (rinse out optional).

Pour paint inside the eggs switching up the colors or even mixing if you’d like.

Cut out bits of tissue paper big enough to cover the hole and tape down.

Go tape your poster any where you like and start throwing!



As many times as i’ve done this we’ve never used more than a carton of eggs. The girls have trouble breaking the eggs by just throwing them and usually have to throw them a couple of times or go grab them with their hands and smash them. If you know you’re kids strength and that they would be able to crack the eggs first try then definitely go for two cartons of eggs! 

Fun fact, the first time we did this I didn’t fully think out where we were going to throw these eggs at so I ended up taping the poster board to my car and let them have at it. The next time after i’d thought out how we were going to tape this poster board up they just tore it down and just started smashing the eggs on the ground as you can see in the above photo so really anything goes it all depends on your kids. 

This project is super messy and the clean up is intense but one that holds their interest every step of the way since they can be so involved! I would definitely advise having everything you need to make the eggs and a clean up station ready in advance just so that each step flows and makes it easy on you and the kids. Hope this gives you guys some ideas and thanks for reading! 


Activity of week!

Hello all! I know it has been a while! 😁 Sorry about that! I have taken on a day nanny job, plus L & S, school, and running this business! So I lose track of time. But, I had to share this weeks activity. It was uber fun!

This week I wanted to get a little messy, have something sweet, but not be super sugary. So we made Nutella and almond butter brownies and it was so yummy! The plus was that it wasn't super sugary nor was it unhealthy. The kids LOVED helping to prepare the brownies! I'll list step by step what to do and show pictures!  

What you need:

  • 1 1/4 cup of Nutella (basically an entire small jar) 
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/2 cup of all purpose flour
  • almond butter (to taste starting with 1 tablespoon) 


  1. Grease pan and preheat oven to 350F
  2. Mix all ingredients until smooth
  3. Pour into pan and smooth top with a spatula
  4. Bake for 15-18 minutes until toothpick (or knife in make case 😅) comes out clean
  5. Let it cool, cut, then serve!!! 

Done in 25 minutes tops!

Basically what she was most interested in the whole time

Basically what she was most interested in the whole time



Now back to the real job

Now back to the real job

All done!! 

All done!! 

They were seriously awesome! Grandad and Nonnie even came by and ate some! YUM! 

Education for Toddlers

Hey there guys! I have decided to start an "Education for Toddlers" series. I am a huge education advocate. I feel it is important to insert learning as much as you can and start young! Learning can be so fun, and we have to instill that mindset in children. So, these post will be about the different ways I have incorporated fun learning for toddlers! (We all know that can be difficult with their small attention spans!)


So, last Friday I took L & S to the Houston Museum of Fine Arts to see the exhibit called "The Shadow Monsters." It was SO COOL! The kids loved it and I honestly had a great time. We also went and saw another exhibit called "Haslbsburg Splendor." It had cool pieces from Vienna's Imperieal Collections.

Always trying to take his things! 

Always trying to take his things! 

So after going through both exhibits, there was a little shop with things you could buy. L saw this huge monster puzzle and of course had to have it. He absolutely LOVES puzzles and for a 3 year-old, he does them pretty fast! So we bought it and went home. Last night we pulled the puzzle out for the first time and I was blown away. It was the perfect learning puzzle. All of the monsters were a letter of the alphabet. So, to put it together, I had L recite the alphabet song every time to figure out the next letter. Then he had to find it and put it together.


After saying it so many time I actually had him pronouncing L, M, N, O, P. Instead of sounding like he switched to Spanish! He did not even get bored until about letter W. And that is only because Kate and Mim Mim came on. This puzzle was awesome. It stimulated his brain and went over his letter recognition. Perfect! My advice is to always incorporate learning in something you KNOW they love to do. Then throughout the activity, pump them up and encourage them. I tell L, "WOW! You are so smart!" He then gets so confident it pushes him to go further. 



 So, as you can see, he was proud of his puzzle and it was so much fun! Until next time guys!




Houston Adventures 01

          Hi everyone! I’ve decided to do a series where I document  ‘The Wonder Girl’s’, Little G and E's, after school adventures to the different kid friendly spots around Houston. Being a Houston native I take some of our amazing spots for granted since i’ve been going to them with my family since I was small. A lot of the time after I tell the parents of my kids where we’ve gone they ask about parking, tickets and how to even get to the spot so I thought making a note of all that in the blog would be a great way to get everyone involved in the great spots around Houston!



    The other week we went to the Natural Science Museum’s Butterfly Exhibit and they  absolutely loved it! I only have a short time with the girls from the time I pick them up and to get them back on the other side of town to make sure we’re there before their mom gets home and so I try to pick places that are close to their school and packed with a lot of activities and are also educational. If you’re just going to the butterfly exhibit you can walk in straight by the exhibit and buy tickets from the shop that’s next to it so you don’t have to go back and forth. I love the Butterfly Exhibit because before the entrance there is a ton of information on insects, the oldest loves any sort of information even if it is on a cricket, and the youngest loves seeing new things so it was a great experience for the both of them. After you go through the exhibit you go through the first exhibit you go into the actual butterfly habitat which is incredible to me it looks as if you’ve stepped into Jurassic Park, could just be me though. There center has three levels to it. The first is just the bottom of the waterfall that flows towards the back of the museum, it also doubles as a wishing well if your kiddos like to make wishes. It usually takes E a good ten minutes to finish making a wish. When you walk up to the second floor you can walk around and watch the different butterflies fly around you, most of the butterflies are on the second floor and from here you can get a clear view of everything that's around you. It's sort of laid out like a park and you follow the trail around to look at the different plants and butterflies. The third floor doesn't have a lot of plants but it does offer a great view of the entire center and there is still a lot of butterfly traffic if you wanted to go take a peek. 


   As for parking, it’s terrible. Outside of the museum there is free three hour parking but it’ s very rare that a spot will be open and I wouldn’t bet on catching one. Right in front of the butterfly exhibit is a round about and right on the other side of that is a free three hour lot that usually has a spot. Around the museum there are meters, it can get to be a walk if you go to far back especially with younger kids, I learned that the hard way, and so if you’re completely out of options there is a garage around to the side of the museum. Tickets for children 3-11 is 7$, adults 8$ and members 4$.

    This is some place we will definitely be coming back to especially since the oldest asks about it whenever she spots a butterfly out in the park and it’s a great way for them to learn something knew and then go experience it! Hope this helps and talk to you all soon!