Newborn Prep, Care & Sleep Training Consulting

About Brooklyn: Brooklyn has been a nanny for over 9 years. She developed a method she uses to assist her families with ensuring that the infants are getting the proper amount of sleep. As her O. T. I. method started to be very successful, she went on to get her Newborn Care Specialist Certification. 

Newborn Prep

What we do: We assist in helping you plan and prep for your new addition!

Details: We go over all the must-haves and not needed things for your registry. We help you build a registry that is not only cost effective but also fits the realistic needs of YOUR family and lifestyle. We assist with efficient planning of your nursery.

Newborn Care

What we do: We will come in and and you a reprieve in whatever way is needed! We go over everything newborn and answer any questions you may have. We can assist with any day, night, or weekend help.

Sleep & Crib Training

Method: Brooklyn uses a method she created called the O. T. I. (Observe, Transition, Implement)

Overview of service:

·      Meet for consultation/Assess home and nursery

·      Assist mother in getting sleep and getting the infants on a schedule

·      Create a nighttime routine

·      Work with infants to get them on a proper nighttime sleep & feeding schedule

·      As the nighttime schedule is implemented, start to work with parents on getting a daytime schedule in place. Transition out.

Testimonial: (contact info can be given upon request)

Laural Paige: “Brooklyn helped me get my infant twins on track! She worked with me to build a schedule for them. This helped me get them sleeping properly which over all got them in sync together and in better moods. I highly recommend Brooklyn!”

Lauren Wood: "Brooklyn has been an angel sent to save our family - literally! While I was pregnant with my boy/girl twins, I had a stroke at 24 weeks. Luckily, the twins were unaffected and born healthy at 32 weeks. But besides needing help with infant preemie twins, I needed a lot of extra help because I was unable to do normal functions like walking. Brooklyn came to the rescue. Not only was she knowledgeable, experienced, and hands on especially when I couldn't be, she also knew sleep training for babies. I can comfortably say that my twins have been sleeping through the night in their own separate cribs since 3 months of age - this was 99% Brooklyn! Now, my twins are 7 months old and thriving, and they absolutely adore Brooklyn. Again, I have been sent an angel, and we cannot imagine life without her."