We offer a wide variety of services!


We can take care of all of your babysitting needs!


Best Buds Babysitting offers a wide array of packages to meet all of your babysitting needs.  These packages include but are not limited to date night, sick days, night shifts, overnight, infant care, special events, conventions, corporate retreats, and much more!



Let us take care of your next dinner party or event!

Having a dinner party at your home? Hosting an event in Houston? Does your church want to give it's childcare volunteers a break? Best Buds has you covered! We offer group/event babysitting! For more information CLICK HERE.

Need a sitter to assist you on your next vacation or work travel? Let us help you!

We provide a sitter you during your travels! No need to worry about finding help while there. Bring along a reliable sitter that your child will know. We take care of all matching, contracts etc. For more info CLICK HERE.

Newborn Care Specialist on staff!


Are you ready for your infant to sleep through the night or in their crib? Are you a first time parent and want some guidance on preparation and care? Consult with our Newborn Care Specialist Brooklyn Johnson and find out about her O.T.I. method! CLICK HERE for more info!



Need to get your kids from one place to the next?


There are 2 different options. 1) Pick up and drop off ONLY. 2) Take child to activity or practices (ex. bring child from school to soccer and after bring home until you arrive. Come to watch the child and go to The Children's Museum during scheduled sitting time.)



Our sitters are well trained and experienced!


One of our biggest goals here at Best Buds is to provide fast and reliable childcare in a few easy clicks for all families in Houston. Our sitters with special needs childcare background have years of experience working with children who have Downs, Autism, Aspergers, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum and other disabilities. We are fully equipped with the knowledge on how to care for your child and have a blast while doing it! CLICK HERE for more information on sitters and booking! For any other questions please feel free to call. 



Top Notch Petsitters on staff!!

You asked, we listened! Now we have sitters on hand to care for your pet when you need it! We offer in-home sitting, drop-ins, and Day Care! Find out more HERE!