Our Goal

One of Best Buds Babysitting's founding goals was to create a fast and reliable way for parents to get last minute sitters! This vision included having those services available to families who have children with special needs.  Our goal in the special needs department is to not only have a variety of services extended to all families over Houston, but also creating a strong sense of community and awareness.



Our Sitters

All of our sitters that work with special needs children have experience working with a variety of different disabilities and a passion for what they do! Down below we have listed all of our sitters who work in the Special Needs Department and what disabilities they have the most experience in. If you do not see your child's disability listed down below give us a call and we can place you with an appropriate sitter! 


Lauren Jackson


Has years of experience working with children who have:

*Downs Syndrome 


*Fetal Alcohol Spectrum/Syndrome 

*Developmental Delays 

*Seizure Disorders

*Cerebral Palsy 


*Emotional/Behavior Disorders